Want a good laugh? Like the latest pop music? Looking for outfit ideas? Searching for recipes? Curious about celebrities and their lives? Youtube is the answer to all the questions above. While we’re on it 24/7, do you think you know Youtube well enough?

Youtube is developed by 3 ex-Paypal-employees, Chad Hurley, Steven Chen and Jawed Karim in Feb, 2005, with ‘Broadcast Yourself’ as their slogan for users to showcase themselves. They hoped that Youtube could be a platform for singles to upload videos about themselves. Yes, Youtube was a dating site at first. They even offered USD $20 for every woman uploading her video on Youtube. 5 days after the website was developed, there still wasn’t a user. They decided to cancel the limit on the types of videos. As a result, Youtube became as diverse as it is now.


Jawed then posted the first video on Youtube in Apr, named ‘Me at the zoo’. The video is only 20 seconds long. It is about the elephants at the zoo and how long their noses are. This is the first video on Youtube and Jawed is the first Youtuber ever. Because of its representativeness, it now has over 50 million views with 700 thousand comments!

But if it comes to the most viewed and most liked video on Youtube, it would have to be the Spanish pop song ‘Despacito’! It has 6.1 billion views up to May 2019, with over 33.1 million likes. It also broke the record of reaching 0.2 billion, 0.3 billion, 0.4 billion and 0.5 billion views in the shortest time! Even if you don’t know Spanish, it sure is a catchy song with strong rhythm- ‘Des-pa-cito!’

Other music videos are, well, not as popular… Still remember Justin Bieber’s song ‘Baby’? Do you like it or not? It is indeed pretty controversial. It has 11.4 million likes and 10.5 million dislikes until now, May 2019. That makes ‘Baby’ the most disliked music video in Youtube’s history, and the most disliked video on Youtube for a couple of years. Yet, it has been surpassed last year after ‘Youtube Rewind 2018’ was posted by Youtube, with 16.2 million dislikes!

You need more than just one good video to be subscribed. Let’s take a look at the statistics for Youtube channel!

Fred’ by Fred Figglehorn reached 1 million subscribers in 2009, becoming the first Youtube channel ever reaching 1 million subscribers. His videos are mostly for leisure. They are hilarious with Fred’s high-pitched voice. Yet, for some reason, he has stopped uploading videos for a few years.

The most subscribed Youtube Channel is no longer ‘PewDiePie’, but ‘T-Series’ with 98 million subscribers! T-series is a Bollywood company, featuring music videos produced by top-notch movie stars and directors. Their main advantage behind this competition is the massive population in India. Nonetheless, the fact that PewDiePie is able to compete with a whole company is still undeniably impressive.

In just two decades, Youtube thrived. In 2015, Youtube reported that 500 hours of video are uploaded every single minute. In 2017, Youtube users have watched 1 billion hours of videos every day in total, equivalent to 110 thousand years! We all have to agree, Youtube is inevitable in our daily life.