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Conversational Membership

Membership card? It is in your Whatsapp.

Conversational Membership

Your membership card will be safe and sound in your messenger.

Our chatbot will handle all of those repetitive membership tasks for you.

Marketing can be automated, start to build membership on whatsapp with juicyapp service and automate communication with potential return customers.

Build better relationships through real-time communication and get more customer retention.

Automated customer service on an all-in-one platform.

The chatbot collects data to our CRM, we can design workflows to trigger personalised campaigns & offers to engage your customer anytime anywhere. Not limited to whatsapp, we can also reach your customer by email, SMS, Push & facebook messenger.

We aim to support visitors at every stage of their decision making process and enrich the chance of return purchase.

Understand what your consumers actually want

Believe it or not, it is now possible to understand your consumers’ preferences in real time. You can even offer personalised campaigns with push notifications.

Get insights from CRM to evaluate your campaign performance.

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Whatsapp is a frictionless touch point to build relationships.

Messenger CRM helps you drive customer retention, It is a frictionless touch point to build relationships. You can run conversational-based loyalty campaigns & coupons to get more sales instantly.

Easy on-board

Say goodbye to complicated sign-up process! There is no need for your customers to fill in any forms and enter any data manually.

High open rate

Have your messages delivered to your customers' most commonly used messenger, Whatsapp, so they will not miss any of your fruitful offers.

Form personal relationship

Your membership system has never been more personal than a one-to-one conversation with timely responses 24/7.

It’s perfect for you who…

Want higher customer retention rate

Nothing is more personal than a message that is sent to you and only you. This CRM is based on Whatsapp, the messenger we use on a daily basis.

Need an easy-on-board membership experience

Your CRM starts with a simple greeting. From just that, you can interact with your customers as much as you want.

Do not have the time to run a marketing campaign

A conversation CRM is fully automatic- It basically works on its own.

Who knew running a CRM channel could be this simple?

Start doing it the smart way.