e-Gift Card
& e-Voucher

Virtual blessings that can be sent via Whatsapp to your loved ones, even if we are all in quarantine!

Don't know what to get for someone? Gift cards are always the go-to solution and are known to be the most ideal gift! That's why the gift card market is worth $307 billion globally.

It’s perfect for you who…

Have a loyal member base.

They would love to send and receive your services or products as a gift!

Wish to keep up the trend of digital transformation.

The sales of e-gift cards have a 30% annual growth. In the past 5 years, the number of redeemed e-vouchers has doubled to 31 billion worldwide.

Need some extra cash flow.

We get it. You might be adversely affected by the pandemic. A little bit of extra cash definitely won’t hurt especially at times like this.

Your gift cards and vouchers can go online now!

  • Customise e-gift cards and e-vouchers for your brand.
  • Multiple online payment methods supported, including PayPal and Stripe.
  • Send e-gift cards and e-vouchers via Whatsapp instantly.

Really… It’s as easy as 123.


Purchase credits on merchant website. Receive confirmation message via Whatsapp upon successful purchase.

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Send a Whatsapp message to your friend to let them know you’ve chosen a gift for them!

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Choose your desired products and services at stores. Present your e-gift card link to staff to use them.

Paired with your very own conversational CRM on WhatsApp.

  • Automatically triggered message with e-gift cards and e-vouchers after purchase.
  • Customise your message to your customers and allow your customers to add a bit of personal touch.
  • Unique link with every e-gift card and e-voucher for you to access more information.

… and a lot more!

We have entered a digital era for good reasons.

Gift cards and vouchers are good for your business in a lot of ways. They keep your business top-of-mind in your market and let you engage with your customers more. Virtual ones even generate data for you.

Online 24/7

Your brick-and-mortar business might be 9 to 5, but the website never sleeps. Your customers can now purchase your products and services anytime, anywhere.

Boost Your Sales

According to a study by First Data, 40% of gift card recipients spend more, to be exact, USD $25 more on average, at redemptions.

100% White-Label

We have aesthetic e-gift card and e-voucher templates ready for you to customise according to your needs. It’s also good if you want some ‘word-of-mouth’ to stir up your brand awareness.

Conversational CRM Integration

Gift cards are a great conversation starter to form a genuine relationship with your customers with the most commonly used messenger.

Fraud Control

Unlike your printed gift vouchers, our e-gift cards and e-vouchers are hard to replicate. Each e-gift card has its own ID for you to keep track.

Let your customers show their affection to their loved ones with your meticulously designed products and services.

What are you waiting for?