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It costs up to 30 times as much for customer acquisition than customer retention

80% of your company’s future revenue will come from just 20% of your existing customers

Increase customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%

70% of customers leave because of service dissatisfaction


A Seamless & Swift ticketing solution turn insight into action
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An all-in-one RSVP Solution

That helps you convert guests to loyalty customer.

No matter your needs, our solutions are flexible to grow your business and member base.

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Create & manage bookings in a fingertip

Our Campaign Management System is the smartest, fastest way to onboard and communicate with your customers.

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Learn what makes you successful from data

Monitor and optimize the performance of your campaigns, you can visualise data on your customer behaviour, campaigns, merchants, partners, memberships and more

Simplified customer service

From now on, traditional method such as printed guest list are no longer needed where online tickets are now introduce with barcodes to improve entire workflow efficiency. Visitors can now simply pre-book their tickets through either the website or app; tickets will be delivered through registered email or direct access from the app.

Flexible check-in

Check-in attendees easily
The ticket will be in digital format with a unique QR code and ID number, users can choose to use physical copy or just simply show it though their digital devices for scanning.

Enhance customer experience

A most often situation is that the lines are bound to get busier during peak hours. A ticketing system can handle multiple requirements to ensure a smooth operation and minimize customer dissatisfaction.


Audience profiling helps organisers to better engage their targeted customers. Personalized message such as upcoming event promotion could be sent to specific users through the ticketing app; users could also easily access to different event details. Mutual understanding and long term relationship could be eventually built.

Accurate forecasting

Monitor customers behavior
Through the system, organisation can now collect all end-user behaviour and user activities which helps on quick data analysis to understand consumer behaviour.

Highlighted showcase

Ticketing System for West Kowloon Cultural District

In 2012, we were in charged with the ticketing and check-in system for ‘Freespace Happening Festival’ that were operated by The West Kowloon Cultural District.


peak concurrent users


eTickets sold in 45 minutes


Best app in Apple App store

Our proven process and experience, make your success!

“By having a ticketing system, any organisation’s event can prevent line waitings and receive statistic data support towards consumer behaviour. “

Let the system automate tedious admin works Today & Start Growing.

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