Digital Stamp Card

A reward marketing strategy which fits your physical stamp card into your e-wallet to keep your customers coming back to you for more.

It is perfect for you who…

Are planning to introduce a reward programme.

Because… 75% of customers find themselves more likely to make another purchase at businesses with a loyalty programme.

Are looking for a simple membership system with CRM.

91% of companies with more than 11 employees are currently using a CRM software. If you are still not one of them, you know what to do!

Have limited budget.

We now offer a FREE TRIAL of our digital stamp card! Quota is limited so contact us now to make sure you get it!

This is our digital stamp!

  • Our stamp is 100% portable! It is wireless and there is no need for charging.
  • Just a touch on the screen will do, exactly like how a physical stamp works.
  • There is an unique QR code on each digital membership card which support both stamp collection and reward redemption.

It works like your physical stamp card, just 10x cooler.

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Input your personal information to register as a member. Then, you will have your digital stamp card. Add it to your e-wallet and that is all.

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Get a stamp when you make an eligible purchase at stores.


When you have enough stamps, you can select your preferred rewards from a wide range of offers!

Let this be your first ever CRM.

  • Customise your digital stamp card experience, including:
    • form builder
    • reward quota
    • reward journey
    • membership tier
    • multiple cards
  • A registered member list for you to engage with your customers later.
  • Lists of stamp collection and reward redemption record.

We have entered a digital era for good reasons.

Reward programmes provide initiatives for your customers to keep coming back to you. Not only does our digital stamp card solution does that just like your traditional stamp card does, on top of that, it helps you with tracking all the information you need with our CRM.

Easy Set Up

We basically do everything for you FOR FREE! Absolutely no knowledge in programming is required. Count on us!

Operation Staff-Friendly

There is no technology integration at store level. Our admin panel is simple and straightforward enough for everyone to understand.

Mobile Wallet Integration

Your customers do not have to download an app for your loyalty programme because your stamp card can be stored in their Apple and Google Wallet!

Real-time CRM

All records are updated in real-time. Add or cancel stamp, enable or disable a card, alter or end your campaign… All can be done in your admin panel!

100% White Label

From landing page to stamp card, customisation is supported for you to build your brand. It’s good if you want some ‘word-of-mouth’ to stir up your brand awareness.

Take your physical stamp card up a notch.

Ditch your physical stamp card for more business insights.