Gero Lifespan, an app developed by a Russian research team is known to be able to calculate your life expectancy! Connecting Apple Health, Fitbit and Rescuetime, Gero Lifespan combines data such as the steps you walk, your sleeping cycle and the frequency you go to the gym, to generate your life expectancy with AI algorithm.

Other than life expectancy, the app includes comparisons of your current data with yourself in the past weeks, as well as with people of your gender and age for your reference. You’ll find out if you are relatively healthier than your fellows!

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The best thing about this app is that the expectancy changes through altering your habits. With the function of ‘experiment’, you can examine the effects of adopting different habits on your life expectancy. You can start working out, sleeping earlier or working more excessively and see what they do to your life, so that you’ll know what you should and should not be doing.

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Although not all factors affecting health are taken into account, the app acts as a reference. If you have a short life expectancy, don’t worry. It’s never too late for a change. If you have a long life expectancy, then keep it up! Therefore, this app definitely helps you to become a healthier person!

Nonetheless, Gero Lifespan is only available on IOS at the moment. Iphone users, you can download the app from here: ‎Gero Healthspan (‎Gero Healthspan) ! If you have a smart watch, your data will be even more comprehensive!

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