It requires uniqueness and utmost functionality to maintain traffic flow as a social media platform. Therefore, Facebook has been keeping track on market trends to introduce new functions.

Facebook announced the launch of money transference and takeaway service on Messenger in hopes to enhance user experience in 2017.

Facebook collaborated with Paypal to allow users to transfer money through Messenger. Despite the variety of mobile pay methods, Facebook, as a social media platform, outperform for its convenience. Imagine:

‘Hey, you owe me 10 bucks.’

‘Oh, right. I’ll pay you back now.’

‘Thanks, mate.’ – And, you don’t even have to quit Messenger and open another app.

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Regarding the takeaway service, Facebook cooperated with Eat Street, and many other food delivery apps for users to choose from a wide range of restaurants, like Five Guys and PaPa John’s and so on. With your location from GPS, Facebook Order Food shows you restaurants nearby, each with their own menu!

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Recently, Facebook has launched a dating function to crush Tinder, Coffee Meets Bagel and Okcupid! You can have your own dating profile, which is only visible for those who also have their own. Other than basic information, Facebook would like you to present your real self through questions such as your ideas of a perfect day. Yet, as Mark Zuckerberg said, this is not for hookups, but long-term relationships. You have to scroll through everyone’s profile then decide whether you are interested, with a limit of 100 matches per day.

If you prefer dating your current friends over strangers, Facebook has got you covered as well. Facebook has introduced the function of ‘Secret Crush’. With Secret Crush, you can select up to 9 friends whom you are interested in. They will receive a notification, but don’t worry, they won’t show your name. Only when they also add you into their crush list, your name would be revealed. Well, at least you’d know if there is a chance you can get out of friend-zone and not get rejected.

Facebook Secret Crush

In fact, Facebook and its current services actually cover many aspects of our lives. Although the service isn’t worldwide at this moment, we believe that soon, it will extend to everywhere around the world. Facebook will evolve as a genuine one-stop platform.

Cr: Facebook, Cnet