The best ideas start as conversations


6 Juicy steps to successfully achieve your goals

Exploration, Design & Development

We discover opportunities towards all aspects by understanding clients’ needs, to expand their business into mobile world by our professional services.
We visualize concepts, bring them to reality and deliver friendly solution from end to end. Other than that, we also work towards goals as a professional and enthusiastic team, to provide satisfying and high quality service for our valued customers.

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1. Discovery & Strategy

We ensure your mobile strategy is right, why it’s going to be successful. Our strategists will challenge assumptions based on market research & our experience, until we find the best way to implement the project.

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2. Blue Print & Design

An amazing experience and amazing design one of the keys to success. Once wireframes & blueprints are created, we select the solutions that are the best idea with a live audience. And our designers will start on creating an interactive design recognised by selected end-users from the target audience.

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3. Code & Craft

Your idea start to be developed by an award-winning technical team to bring it to life. The app comes to life during in this process, our talented developer start to make the magic happens. They’re rooted in human-centred thinking and turn your shared vision into reality.

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4. Testing & Launch

Time to launch the rocket! We will find all bugs before we ship with automated tests running on the devices, improve performance to maintain the highest possible quality of our products. 

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5. Tracking & Measurement

We are looking for a long term success in the app market. Sustainable growth does not come from one source, we implement app analytics with clear success metrics and conduct pre- and post-release user research and ethnographic studies to get real insight.

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6. Scale & Optimisation

Improve your chances of winning. We implement constant feature update to strengthen user acquisition and user retention, making sure the app is juicy in your industry or “blue ocean”.

Launch, Data Analysis & Optimisation

We support the publishing workflow, ensure the quality of outcome and project smoothness.
We realise the usefulness of collected data in modern world, which make a great role to help with client’s business in future planning. In fact, Juicyapp cares about feedbacks from clients and end users, and treasure every chance we received to maintain long term relationship with them.

Introducing our successful cases

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